Years Gone By: Aug. 14

Oconto Falls Community Library Staff

110 years ago • Aug. 12, 1909 • Oconto Falls Herald

OCONTO FALLS: Union Manufacturing Company has undergone many changes to the interior to the building in preparation for making pulp board at the plant. Workers have installed a cooker to prep the wood before it goes into the grinder and a pulp machine has been installed to make pulp boards.

STILES: George Tripp’s body was found 300 yards from the side of the railroad tracks at Stiles Junction. The unfortunate man had gone to Oconto Falls and had imbibed too freely and perhaps had fallen from the train platform or laid on the tracks and fell asleep.

100 years ago • Aug. 15, 1919 • Farmer Herald

MARINETTE: What will prove an attractive feature of the Old Settlers’ Picnic, which is being held at Marinette today and tomorrow, will be the sale at auction of four carloads of dairy cows, mostly high grade Holsteins and Guernseys. A number of pure bred bulls will also be auctioned.

OCONTO: Levi Valley has purchased the store and cheese factory from Arthur Mallien at Gerondale’s Corners. Mr. and Mrs. Mallien are moving their household goods to Escanaba where they will make their future home. A farewell party was given in their honor Saturday night and was largely attended by their friends and neighbors. The evening was spent in a social way. after which a nice lunch was served.

90 years ago • Aug. 15, 1929 • Gillett Times

GILLETT: The Gillett Library has been very active during the summer months, but we hope for an increase in membership; circulation and books during the coming months. While Mrs. Korotev, Librarian was out of town Miss Mildred Helm was in charge of the library. A new collection of books is expected from Oconto next week.

SHAWANO: Notice - My wife, Emma Rasmussen, having left my bed and board, YOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED, I will not be responsible for any or debts contracted by her. Dated at Shawano. Wisconsin, this 6th day of August, A. D. 1929. Peter Rasmussen

90 years ago • Aug. 15, 1929 • Oconto Falls Herald

COLEMAN: Archie Ruelle, employee at the Motor Car Company received treatments on his eye following an accident when he had four small slivers embedded in his eyeball.

ABRAMS: Alvin Winans lost three valuable heifers during the last week. They were found dead in the pasture on the Stiles Road.

80 years ago • Aug. 11, 1939 • Oconto Falls Herald

LENA: Miss Helen Kirley of Daylestown, Wis., is the new instructor for the fifth and sixth grades in the Lena School for the upcoming year.

OCONTO FALLS: Twin sons were born to Mr. and Mrs. Henry Marks, Jr., have been named David and Donald.

70 years ago • Aug. 11, 1949 • Gillett Times

HAYES: Friends and relatives helped Butch Heimerman celebrate his second birthday Wednesday night.

GILLETT: A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Peterleus on Sat., Aug. 6, at the Oconto Falls Hospital.

60 years ago • Aug. 13, 1959 • Times Herald

PULCIFER: Thanks to the active Pulcifer Sportsmen’s Club, Inc., residents of the area are enjoying the new park along the Oconto River for picnics and various types of recreation.

GILLETT: Harold Klebenow was confirmed postmaster of the Gillett Post Office recently by the U.S. Senate.

50 years ago • Aug. 14, 1969 • Times Herald

SURING: Friends and relatives helped Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Tate observe their golden wedding anniversary on Sunday, Aug. 3.

GILLETT: David Pelow received a master of science in teaching degree from the College of Education at Stevens Point.

40 years ago • Aug. 15, 1979 • Times Herald

GILLETT: The Gillett School Board at their regular monthly meeting last Thurs. Gave their approval for the construction of an athletic track on the high school grounds.

LENA: Cindy Monfort recently graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh with a Bachelor of Science in nursing.

30 years ago • Aug. 16, 1989 • Times Herald

OCONTO COUNTY: Ronald J. Curran has been elected to serve on the board of directors for Farmers State Bank of Pound, Coleman and Oconto.

OCONTO COUNTY: Henry Wolfe presented Oconto County Youth Fair Board President William Steffel and Vice President Arnold Anderson with a check for $1,000 in memory of his wife, Carolina, who recently passed away. The money is to be used toward the development of the new fairgrounds.

KELLY LAKE: Brenda Wolf was chosen the 1989 Fairest of the Fair at the Holiday Inn, Kelly Lake.

25 years ago • Aug. 17, 1994 • Times Herald

GILLETT: The 1994 Oconto County Fair is being dedicated to J. Franklin Jones, Gillett, who gave many years of service to the Oconto County Fair.

GILLETT: Patrick Noffke was the recipient of the Bradd G. Evans Memorial Physics Award at Carroll College’s recent Awards Convocational.

GILLETT: John Anderson was recently made the new manager of the American Legion Arcade in Gillett.

20 years ago • Aug. 11, 1999 • Times Herald

OCONTO FALLS: David Polashek, 51, Oconto Falls superintendent of schools, has been named in a complaint alleging he disclosed the names of two district employees in a letter to parents of a child suspected of being abused. He has denied the accusation and will appear in court Aug. 24.

GILLETT: A new type III ambulance was delivered to Gillett Area Ambulance from Wheeled Coach Industries, Winter Park, Florida. The unit will be used to respond to approximately 225 basic life support calls annually.

OCONTO FALLS: The Oconto Falls School Board voted unanimously to proceed with a two-year charter school contract for Spruce School. Anticipated enrollment is 40 students for the next year.

10 years ago • Aug. 12, 2009 • Times Herald

OCONTO FALLS: The St. Anthony’s Cemetery Board is enforcing guidelines this year regarding the placement of decorations around grave sites at St. Anthony’s Cemetery and Woodlawn Cemetery in Oconto Falls. The board made the decision in order to improve the overall appearance and for ease of maintenance.

OCONTO FALLS: Oconto Falls is featured in a YouTube video and on Facebook after Carla Bouwkamp and Lauren Walsh of the Wisconsin Office of Rural Health visited the city and collected footage to use in promoting careers in health care.

GILLETT: Marcy Schuettpelz was chosen from 120 applicants as the new clerk/treasurer for the city of Gillett.