Wittenberg swimmers place second at home meet

The Wittenberg Area Swim Program took second place in its home swim meet in December.

Held at the Darwin E. Smith Community Aquatic Center in Wittenberg, there were about 170 swimmers from five clubs represented. WASP was coached by head coach Brenna Opper and assistant coaches Kalee and Laura Gilmeister.

First-place finishes were captured by: Peyton Crick (10) in the 50-yard fly; Rylie Crick (13) in the 50-yard fly and 50-yard breaststroke; Kaydence Crick (10) in the 50-yard backstroke and 50-yard breaststroke; Megan Gilmeister (15) in the 100-yard fly; and Aubrey Wierzba (11) in the 50-yard backstroke, the 200-yard free and the 100-yard breaststroke.

Second-place finishes were earned by Brody Beran, Halley Innes, Peyton Crick, Brinley Wierzba in the Mixed 9-10 200-yard medley relay.

Peyton Crick was second in the 100-yard individual medley, the 100-yard freestyle and the 100-yard breaststroke. Rylie Crick was second in the 100-yard IM and the 500-yard free.

Megan Gilmeister was second in the 200-yard IM and the 200-yard free.

Grace Hegewald (12) was second in the 100-yard backstroke.

Aislyn Sauter (11) grabbed a trio of second-place finishes in the 50-yard fly, the 200-yard free and the 100-yard breaststroke.

Vanessa Wendorski, Evelyn Hegewald, Kaydence Crick and Addison Fuller placed third in the mixed 9-10 200-yard medley relay.

Lilyana Groh, Kiley Zoromski, Aislyn Sauter, Makayla Wild were third in the Mixed 11-12 200-yard medley relay.

Elizabeth Behnke (13) was third in the 50-yard free. Kaydence Crick was third in the 100-yard IM. Grace Hegewald placed third in the 100-yard breaststroke.

Aislyn Sauter was third in the 100-yard IM. Sawyer Spolar (9) was third in the 50-yard backstroke.

Lucy Wierzba (6) placed third in the 25-yard free and the 25-yard fly.

Aubrey Wierzba finished third in the 50-yard free.

Lucy Wierzba, Ayla Frisch, Sawyer Spolar and Olivia Starr placed third in the Mixed 10 & Under 200-yard freestyle relay, while Aislyn Sauter, Serene Ostrowski, Lilyana Groh and Kiley Zoromski were third in the Mixed 12 & Under 200-yard freestyle relay.

Team results

• Mixed 9-10 200-yard Medley Relay: Second, Brody Beran, Halley Innes, Peyton Crick, Brinley Wierzba; third, Vanessa Wendorski, Evelyn Hegewald, Kaydence Crick, Addison Fuller

• Mixed 11-12 200-yard Medley Relay: Third, Lilyana Groh, Kiley Zoromski, Aislyn Sauter, Makayla Wild; fourth, Grace Hegewald, Serene Ostrowski, Aubrey Wierzba, Kinley Maahs

• Mixed 12 and Over 200-yard Medley Relay: Fourth, Maddison Suess, Rylee Crick, Megan Gilmeister, Elizabeth Behnke

• Mixed 10 and Under 200-yard Freestyle Relay: Third, Lucy Wierzba, Ayla Frisch, Sawyer Spolar, Olivia Starr; sixth, Myles Sauter, Kyten Brauer, Josalin Stewart, Addison Fuller

• Mixed 12 and Under 200-yard Freestyle Relay: Third, Aislyn Sauter, Serene Ostrowski, Lilyana Groh, Kiley Zoromski; eighth, Kaydence Crick, Arya Frisch, Milayna Groh, Peyton Crick; ninth, Aubrey Wierzba, Jaylyn Clark, Grace Hegewald, Kinley Maahs

• Mixed 13 and Over 200-yard Freestyle Relay: Fifth, Megan Gilmeister, Elizabeth Behnke, Maddison Suess, Rylee Crick

Individual results

• Elizabeth Behnke (13): 17th 50-yard Free 36.06; 15th 100-yard Free 1:20.07; sixth 50-yard Breast 48.05; third 500-yard Free 7:48.27

• Brody Beran (9): Eighth 50-yard Free 59.68; sixth 50-yard Back 1:09.43

• Natalie Bessette (11): 18th 50-yard Free 41.91; 15th 50-yard Back 57.57; 19th 100-yard Free 1:40.88; 15th 50-yard Breast 1:11.65

• Kyten Brauer (9): Sixth 50-yard Free 43.43

• Jaylyn Clark (11): 23rd 50-yard Free 46.76; 13th 50-yard Back 51.95

• Kaydence Crick (10): Third 100-yard IM 1:32.66; first 50-yard Back 41.08; first 50-yard Breast 44.90

• Peyton Crick (10): Second 100-yard IM 1:31.67; first 50-yard Fly 38.16; second 100-yard Free 1:21.39; second 100-yard Breast 1:41.75

• Rylee Crick (13): Second 100-yard IM 1:10.90; first 50-yard Fly 30.85; first 50-yard Breast 34.60; second 500-yard Free 6:29.85

• Arya Frisch (11): Ninth 100-yard IM 1:47.58; ninth 50-yard Back 47.22; 14th 100-yard Free 1:31.06; 11th 50-yard Breast 57.19

• Ayla Frisch (9): 20th 50-yard Free 51.25; 14th 50-yard Back 52.52; eighth 50-yard Breast 1:12.09

• Addison Fuller (9): 15th 50-yard Free 45.37; sixth 50-yard Breast 1:10.22

• Claire Fuller (7): 12th 25-yard Free 29.23; 12th 25-yard Back 33.29

• Megan Gilmeister (15): second 200-yard IM 2:55.67; first 100-yard Fly 1:20.89; second 200-yard Free 2:35.00

• Lilyana Groh (12): Seventh 100-yard Free 1:23.54; 17th 100-yard Free 1:36.21

• Milayna Groh (11): 17th 50-yard Free 41.90; 10th 50-yard Back 47.95

• Evelyn Hegewald (10): Fourth 50-yard Free 36.71; 16th 50-yard Back 54.21; fourth 50-yard Fly 49.26

• Grace Hegewald (12): Eighth 100-yard IM 1:38.14; second 100-yard Back 1:40.74; 15th 100-yard Free 1:31.07; third 100-yard Breast 1:44.33

• Halley Innes (10): Fourth 100-yard IM 1:35.47

• Kinley Maahs (11): 20th 50-yard Free 44.04; 18th 100-yard Free 1:37.66; 10th 50-yard Breast 55.14

• Serene Ostrowski (12): 10th 50-yard Free 36.36; 12th 50-yard Back 50.75; seventh 50-yard Fly 42.43; fourth 50-yard Breast 48.95

• Aislyn Sauter (11): Third 100-yard IM 1:19.98; second 50-yard Fly 36.71; second 200-yard Free 3:22.64; second 100-yard Breast 1:33.29

• Myles Sauter (8): Ninth 25-yard Free 35.14; eighth 25-yard Back 37.78

• Sawyer Spolar (9): Fourth 50-yard Free 42.98; third 50-yard Back 56.44

• Olivia Starr (9): 30th 50-yard Free 1:00.42

• Josalin Stewart (10): Eighth 50-yard Back 48.77

• Maddison Suess (13): Fifth 100-yard Back 1:37.61; 16th 100-yard Free 1:23.86; eighth 50-yard Breast 52.25

• Sophia Wendler (11): Sixth 50-yard Back 45.27; 13th 100-yard Free 1:28.60

• Vanessa Wendorski (10): 16th 50-yard Free 47.52; 13th 50-yard Back 52.46; 10th 100-yard Free 1:44.88

• Aubrey Wierzba (11): Third 50-yard Free 32.41; first 50-yard Back 37.20; first 200-yard Free 3:05.62; first 100-yard Breast 1:29.14

• Brinley Wierzba (9): 11th 50-yard Free 41.30; 10th 50-yard Back 50.56; fifth 50-yard Breast 56.64

• Lucy Wierzba (6): Third 25-yard Free 20.65; third 25-yard Fly 29.36; fourth 50-yard Free 51.79

• Makayla Wild (11): Seventh 100-yard IM 1:36.83; fifth 50-yard Back 45.07; 11th 50-yard Fly 50.35; fifth 100-yard Breast 1:56.77

• Kiley Zoromski (12): Seventh 50-yard Free 34.83; sixth 100-yard IM 1:35.45; 10th 100-yard Free 1:24.69