Weight restrictions to be in place for county highways

The Shawano County Highway Department will impose seasonal weight restrictions on various county trunk highways Feb. 26.

The weight restrictions are 6 tons gross load for single axle and 10 tons gross load for each tandem axle (any two axles under 8 feet apart). The maximum gross vehicle weight is 26 tons.

Shawano County Highway Department will begin installing signs along all posted roads beginning at 6 a.m. Enforcement will begin when signs are installed.

Seasonal weight restrictions are enforced annually in the spring during the time that the frost is coming out of the ground. This is necessary to protect the pavement, which is susceptible to damage by heavy loads during this time of year. The list of roadways with restrictions and additional information can be found at www.co.shawano.wi.us/departments/highway-department/general-information/....

These weight restrictions are for county highways only. Any weight restrictions on state, city, village or town roads are handled by each individual entity.