Truck route policy updated for co-op’s new areas

Lee Pulaski
City Editor

The Shawano Common Council amended the city’s heavy truck routes code Oct. 11 to include two segments of road near United Cooperative.

United Cooperative has recently changed its truck entrance and exit area, putting it on Center Street. Previously, large trucks had entered and exited onto Green Bay Street, which was more hazardous due to the heavier flow of traffic on the main Shawano artery.

“This is something that is not cleanup but was missed a few years back,” said Scott Kroening, public works director. “When United Co-Op redid their building and put their new driveway out to Center Street, it was something that we asked them to do. They usually come out to East Green Bay Street, and that was a driveway they shared with Brickstone (Inn), and it was really congested when they came out that way.”

With part of Center Street now seeing more truck traffic, city officials sought to add two new segments of road to its heavy truck route policy. Center Street from Lincoln Street to Cleveland Street will be one of those segments.

“We had already beefed up Center Street (with additional pavement) when we redid the street,” Kroening said.

Much of Lincoln Street, from Green Bay Street to Elizabeth Street, is already designated as a heavy truck route. The ordinance extends that designation all the way to County Road B.

“Their new route, Lincoln Street, was already beefed up and was going to be, instead of going out to Green Bay Street, take Center Street to Lincoln Street and then south to County B,” Kroening said. “A couple of people had questioned the trucks that were running on there, and we told them it was a heavy truck route, but it wasn’t in the ordinance.”