New apartment complex in Clintonville opens its doors

Three of four buildings completed
Mayor Richard Beggs, fifth from left, cuts the ribbon for the opening of the new East Village Estates with Casey Duffy, president of Pre/mier Real Estate Management.

(Grace Kirchner)
Grace Kirchner

CLINTONVILLE — A grand opening and ribbon cutting for the new East Village Estates, located at 120 16th St. near Industrial Avenue, was held Tuesday.

Anne Christensen, assistant vice president of Pre/mier Real Estate Management, said her company brings upscale apartments to communities like Clintonville.

Three of the four buildings have been completed and are already being occupied, according to Pre/mier regional property manager Heather Phillips. There will be a total of 48 two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartments when completed.

Phillips noted that the East Valley Estate is a beautiful property, and there has been a lot of interest from the public.

“Our firm has 16,000 rentals in 16 states. We take great pride in the development. We provide upscale, affordable living in smaller communities. More people are interested in renting today,” said Casey Duffy, president of Pre/mier.

Mayor Richard Beggs said the arrival of the new apartment complex is a sign that the town is changing and moving forward again.

“It is exceptional that they (Pre/mier) picked Clintonville to locate,” Beggs said. “It is a nice addition here. It will be good for young people coming to Clintonville to work at one of the industries and find out about Clintonville at a reasonable cost. I hope that a warm family atmosphere will be created here.”

“Working on this project was the first thing I worked on in making improvement for the city I came on board,” said City Administrator Sharon Eveland, who noted that a tax incremental finance district was created to help Pre/mier Real Estate Management flourish is the community.