Miller, Bieber both need to grow up


To the editor:

Gentlemen, to your corners. In child-rearing terminology, I used to refer to this as a necessary “time out.”

Joe Miller’s query about whether Sheriff Adam Bieber was in attendance at the Jan. 6 insurrection was needless energy spent. How about devoting your time on the Shawano County Board to critical issues, such as improving resources for our health department and perhaps about establishing a site for large-scale vaccination?

With regard to Sheriff Bieber’s meme activity on Facebook — shame be upon him. I don’t know where his sympathies lie with regard to this attack on democracy, so I won’t cast unwarranted aspersions. However, his prior commentary on matters such as enforcing shutdown orders or masking initiatives provides some hints. Furthermore, to treat the tragedy of Jan. 6 with any degree of levity is highly disturbing. This is not a matter of politics but rather of a moral foundation.

With regard to county governance and law enforcement, it is time for adults to enter the space and conduct activities in an objective and serious manner.

Ken Kroenke, Shawano