Menominee tribal offices closed for 2 weeks

Curfew takes effect Wednesday, extends through end of August

Citing the continued rise in tribal and local community COVID-19 cases, the Menominee Indian Tribe of Wisconsin is temporarily closing its tribal government offices and facilities for a two-week period, starting Tuesday until Aug. 11.

According to data, the Menominee Reservation COVID-19 positive cases have nearly doubled within a week’s time. The reservation, which shares boundaries with Menominee County, has 17 positive cases with 8 being active cases as of Monday.

Tribal government employees in four different departments have tested positive and employees in three other departments have had direct contact with positive cases.

The closing is to help lessen the spread of the disease in our community and departments, according to a tribal press release. Menominee Tribal Government department and services staff will work remotely during the next two weeks, and will be available through email or telephone.

Departments and services staying open include Menominee Tribal Police Department, Menominee Tribal Detention Center, Menominee Tribal Aging Division and CBRF, Menominee Tribal Clinic, Menominee Tribal Conservation, Menominee Tribal Food Distribution, Menominee Tribal Utilities, Menominee Tribal Transit, supporting on Demand Service, Menominee Tribal Gaming Commission, Menominee Tribal Maintenance and Housekeeping, and Eagle’s Nest Shelter. Services for food delivery will continue.

The closure does not extend to critical essential departments and services, the Menominee Casino Resort, or other tribal chartered enterprises. These entities would announce any changes to operations.

The tribe’s emergency management coordinator and incident command declared a curfew order for the reservation, which takes effect Wednesday and expires on Aug. 31 with curfew hours between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m.