HSHS St. Clare Memorial Hospital and Prevea Health recognize Bladder Health Awareness Month in November

Urologist shares treatment options for an overactive bladder

An overactive bladder often causes people to feel an irregular urge to urinate, and it can be difficult to control. The condition affects nearly 40% of women and 30% of men, and Prevea Health urologists offer patients surgical and non-surgical remedies for those trying to better manage the condition.

At the Prevea Oconto Falls Medical Services Building, located on the campus of HSHS St. Clare Memorial Hospital in Oconto Falls, Dr. Daniel DeGroot educates his patients about the most common treatment options for an overactive bladder. He shares the following surgical and non-surgical options available to those who are frequenting the restroom more than eight times during the day or two times at night:

• Change your diet: Eliminate caffeine, spicy food or drinking liquids late in the evening.

• Practice timed voiding: Empty your bladder based on the clock and not your urges. This can help establish more control over your bladder.

• Take medication: Medications known as anticholinergics can help relax the bladder.

• Work with a physical therapist: Many physical therapists can help you train your body in urge-suppression techniques, strengthen pelvic floor muscles and identify lifestyle changes to decrease the need to utilize the restroom frequently.

• Surgical solutions: InterStim Therapy is a minimally invasive, nerve-stimulation procedure which can yield long-term improvement or even cure an overactive bladder.

• Consider BOTOX injections: When injected into the bladder muscle, BOTOX can help treat overactive bladder symptoms. When mediation like anticholinergics do not help or can’t be taken, BOTOX is often recommended.

• Low-risk electrical stimulation: Percutaneous Tibial Nerve Stimulation (PTNS) is a non-surgical treatment used to help relax the bladder muscle.

To schedule an appointment with DeGroot to discuss overactive bladder treatments available at Prevea and HSHS St. Clare Memorial Hospital in Oconto Falls, call 920-436-1359.