Gun deer hunt for hunters with disabilities coming up

Eligible disabled hunters hoping to participate in the 2020 gun deer hunt for hunters with disabilities must contact a hunt sponsor to sign up before Sept. 1.

As of the June 1 sponsor application deadline, 76 sponsors have enrolled over 70,000 acres of land across 41 counties for this year’s hunt, which will take place Oct. 3-11. For a complete list of 2020 sponsors, visit

“We are very grateful to the sponsors that are willing to provide opportunities for hunters with disabilities,” said Matthew Gross, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Assistant Big Game Ecologist. “Giving hunters access to over 70,000 acres of land is instrumental in making this unique opportunity a success and continuing Wisconsin’s deer hunting tradition.”

Eligible hunters may sign up for one property per year and must possess a gun deer license.

Hunters or assistants must contact sponsors directly to sign up for a hunt. Hunters must provide their name, contact information and DNR customer ID number. To be eligible, hunters must possess a valid Class A, C or D disabled permit or Class B permit that is issued for longer than one year, authorizing shooting from a stationary vehicle.

It is important for hunters to note that some properties can accommodate more hunters than others, so hunters are advised to contact potential sponsors as early as possible to determine if space is available.

For more information, interested hunters are encouraged to contact Gross by phone at 608-261-7588 or email at