Gillett School Board to add student reps

Junior and senior class presidents to make regular reports
Warren Bluhm

The Gillett School Board will be adding student representatives after approving a proposal brought forth by three Gillett High School seniors on Sept. 15.

Blake Goudreau, Evan Peterson and Alex Peterson appeared at the school board’s regular monthly meeting to ask that the junior and senior class presidents be included to serve as a more direct liaison between the board and student body.

The Oconto Falls High School administration appoints the student representatives to its school board, but Goudreau said the group that prepared the proposal felt it would be better to have the elected class presidents serve.

“We believe it would be best if the students elected these representatives because they would represent those who would speak their words the way they wanted them to be spoken,” Goudreau said.

The class vice president would be a backup should the president have a school activity or other commitment on the night the board meets, they said.

While underclassmen are still a part of the school, waiting until junior year to be eligible as student representatives would give them time to become familiar with the school environment, Goudreau said.

Board member Katie Daul suggested that as the concept evolves, the students should consider adding freshmen and sophomores to the mix.

“It would be a great leadership learning opportunity,” Daul said.

In response to a query from board member Cliff Gerbers, Superintendent Todd Hencsik said the student representatives would make regular reports to the board and could share feedback on things like how the start of the school year or homecoming week were handled.

Board member Jamie Heroux said it’s a good idea to get regular input from the student body.

“The interaction we usually get with the students is when there’s a complaint,” Heroux said.

Board member Nannette Mohr said students had representation on the board a number of years ago and “it worked out well.”

The board unanimously accepted the students’ proposal.