Gillett company specializes in race cars, UTV rentals

Some of the fastest stock cars in the country are built right here in Oconto County. Sniper Speed of Gillett builds high-performance race cars that are winning races throughout the United States.

The family-owned and operated business builds stock cars and parts for competitors in the IMCA (International Motor Contest Association) and USRA (United States Racing Association). Jon and Jill Courchaine operate Sniper Speed, and with their daughter, Taylor Courchaine, operate Sniper Speed’s offshoot, Gillett UTV Rentals.

Jon Courchaine has been involved in motorsports his entire life. He grew up around racing and participated in his first motorsports event when he was just 10 or 11 years old. When a bad crash ended his racing career in 2015, he shifted his focus from racing to engineering cars. Sniper Speed builds race cars that are light, fast and capable of winning.

“If you don’t win races, you won’t sell cars,” Courchaine said.

Since opening in 2016, Sniper Speed has built 150 race cars and a countless number of car parts. Sniper Speed partners with Bilstein Shock Absorbers and shares technology and data with the international motorsports company.

Courchaine is a self-taught engineer and metal fabricator whose high-performance CNC milling machines drew the attention of an off-road vehicle manufacturing company. The company asked him to build parts for UTVs, or Utility Task Vehicles.

In order to design and fabricate the parts, the Courchaines purchased several UTVs. Initially planning to resell them, they decided to rent them out instead. Thus, Gillett UTV Rentals was born. The Courchaines rented out their first machines in July. Located behind Subway at 150 W. Park St., Gillett UTV Rentals is situated a stone’s throw from the city’s ATV trailhead.

Whereas most UTV rental companies lease standard machines from one manufacturer, Gillett UTV Rentals leases ultra-high-performance machines from Yamaha, Polaris and Can Am. Riders can rent a UTV to suit their taste, choosing between two-seaters or four-seaters. All but one machine has a sound system, and all offer comfort and speed to give riders their best ride. Each UTV is a state-of-the-art machine that anyone can hop on and drive. The only exception is the Yamaha YXZ, an extreme adventure UTV for experienced riders only.

Gillett UTV Rentals caters to vacationers and locals who want to participate in an organized trail ride or ride with family and friends. In Oconto County, UTV riders can explore hundreds of miles of interconnected trails to restaurants and ice cream shops — even a casino.

Riders’ biggest fears are getting lost and running out of fuel. So, Gillett UTV Rentals gives all riders an Oconto County trail map and recommendations about fuel stops, trail conditions and more. Gillett UTV Rentals is purchasing Ride Command Tablets which feature maps, GPS and recommended routes. Individuals can also upload the Polaris Ride Command app for trail information.