Gallagher serves as pawn to president


To the editor:

Attempts to fake out being a person of the community and not a Donald Trump pawn is not working for Mike Gallagher. Gallagher, the present U.S. representative in the 8th Congressional District, running for reelection against state Rep. Amanda Stuck, tries to ride the top of a fence in words but is placing both feet solidly on the Trump side of it.

Gallagher supports the president’s policies consistently, only once inferring the Trump’s racist remarks were not meant as he (Trump) stated.

Amanda Stuck, his 8th District opponent, stated she teaches her children to be kind and respectful of everyone. She does not accept this kind of talk from her children nor any political figure, Trump or Gallagher. Stuck has a stand on issues, not in policies of “whatever happens” attitude Gallagher demonstrates.

Gallagher has not stood up one time to Trump when it comes to citizens’ needs for health, preexisting conditions, farmers, manufacturers or student loan borrowers. Gallagher, a pawn for the president, is a person of weakness who touts the party line.

A change in the 8th District, in support of the needs of the community, education, economic growth cannot happen in the Gallagher direction. A one-time question of Trump on his racist comments may have a negative effect on some of Gallagher’s supporters and those that see no reasons to just vote the way the Trump leadership directs.

Gallagher’s saying of one thing and doing another makes him a pawn, not a representative the 8th District deserves. Please vote by absentee, on site at your voting area early or on Nov. 3. Recommendation here for our community? Amanda Stuck. As President Trump himself has stated: “What do you have to lose?”

Edward Johnson, Clintonville