County Board approves ATV/UTV route segments

Riders may travel county roads between trail segments
NEW Media Staff

OCONTO — All-terrain vehicle riders will be able to travel legally along 15 stretches of Oconto County roadway after action taken by the County Board on Thursday.

The measures taken without discussion allow for ATV and utility vehicles to traverse as much as 2.36 miles on county roads to get from one segment of the county’s ATV/UTV trail network to another.

The new ATV/UTV routes recommended by the board’s Highway Committee and unanimously approved by the full County Board:

• County Road A from West River Road to Yashinski Road, 0.5 miles, and from County Road AB to North Porcupine Lake Road, 1.02 miles.

• All of County Road EE, 2.36 miles, and County Road D from the north part to the south part of Cross Road, 0.02 miles.

• County Road F at Club House Lane to Twin Pines Road, 1.14 miles, and County Road F at Club House Lane to Old 32 Road, 0.44 miles.

• County Road F on U.S. Forest Service land to Knowles Creek Road, 0.2 miles, and from Powers Lane to Waubee Lake Drive, 0.2 miles.

• County Road F from the Marinette County Line to McCaslin Mountain Campground, 0.35 miles.

• County Road G at St. Bernadette Road to North Kelly Lake Road, 1.4 miles.

• County Road J from North River Road to Chicken Shack Road, 2 miles.

• County Road K West from Yatso Road to Yatso Road, 0.05 miles, and from Yatso Road North to White Lake Road, 1 mile.

• County Road S from Doran Street to County Road N, 0.25 miles, and all of County Roads N and NN.

• The County Road T road ditch from Pine Ridge Road to Pine Tree Road, 0.11 miles, and County Road T from Rapp Road to Presbyterian Road, 0.1 miles, from McCaslin Road to Townsend Dam Road, 0.07 miles, and from Rudy Road to Cassler Drive, 0.07 miles.

• County Road T from state Highway 64 to U.S. Forest Service 3028, 0.5 miles.

• County Road W at Bonita Road West to Naylor Road, 1.6 miles, and at Old Shingle Mill Road West to Mountain Lakes Road, 0.5 miles.

• County Road W from Nelligan Lake Lane East to Chapel Lane, 1.4 miles.

• County Road Y from Porter Avenue East to Chapel Lane, 0.9 miles.

• County Road Z from Ucil Lake to Marl Lake, 0.25 miles.