LETTER: Country in worse shape since pandemic

To the editor:

Prior to the pandemic, I recall a thriving economy, an abundance of oil that enabled the U.S. to provide for other countries along with much lower gas prices for all of us, no wars, respect for the laws of our country, and not being told we have to buy electric vehicles in the future, to name a few. We now have:

• Wars all over the world.

• Complete open borders, which goes against our immigration laws, allowing criminals and terrorists to come into our country which has been verified by law enforcement.

• Fentanyl pouring into our country through the open borders creating a fentanyl epidemic.

• An administration that funds Iran and doesn’t back our allies.

• Runaway spending, e.g., Ukraine, Iran, student loan forgiveness, supporting illegal immigrants with housing, food, debit cards, phones. This is a major cause of the inflation we are experiencing.

• Defunding the police along with defending the criminal and not the victim.

• President Joe Biden, who supports a federal statute legalizing abortion, and he calls himself a Catholic.

• Persecution of a political opponent to prevent from running for office.

The median American household total wealth increased 37% from 2019 to 2022? I know of no one that has experienced anything close to that.

I don’t ever recall protesters saying “death to America” that we are now hearing about. Oh yes, our country is being fundamentally transformed as former president Barack Obama promised and continues to happen under the current administration.

I do not understand how anyone can believe that any of this is a good thing.

Give serious thought between now and when you vote in November.

Jan Kuchenbecker, Shawano