Council approves $2.5M in street projects for 2024

Over $1.6M in additional work made possible by CDBG funds
Lee Pulaski
City Editor

The Shawano Common Council signed off on bids Jan. 10 for over $2.5 million in street reconstruction projects.

Dorner Inc. won the bid for the city’s regular slate of street projects, working on South Lafayette Street from Sunset Avenue to West Lieg Avenue, East Fifth Street from North Main Street to North Hamlin Street, and another stretch of South Lafayette Street from West Lieg Avenue to West Wescott Avenue. All street projects will include new work on water mains and sanitary sewer infrastructure, but the Fifth Street project will also get storm sewer infrastructure. Dorner’s bid was for $891,977.50, beating out nine other bidders for the project, with the highest bid being over $1.17 million.

The budget for the three roads was around $925,000, according to City Administrator Eddie Sheppard.

Besides the regularly scheduled projects, the city is working on three more streets with the help of Community Development Block Grant funds. David Tenor Corporation had the lowest bid at $1.62 million, with six others companies bidding for the project, and the highest bid totaling over $2.11 million. The CDBG funding will cover street and infrastructure work on South Franklin Street from West Stevens Avenue to West Lieg Avenue, South Lutz Street from East Zingler Avenue to East Lieg Avenue, and South Andrews Street from East Zingler Avenue to East Lieg Avenue.

“Of that, the city’s portion is about $640,000,” Sheppard said, noting that the city received $1 million in CDBG money for this year. “We came in under budget by about $5,000 — hit that one right on the head with the budget.”

By getting the grant, the city is close to doubling what its usual street work is, according to Sheppard. He noted that the Lafayette and Fifth street projects were ineligible for the grant.

Sheppard noted that Tenor has worked with the city previously, and staff has been satisfied with the company’s work.

“We’re happy to work with those folks,” he said. “They’ve always done a great job.”