Athlete Profile: Isaiah Moss

Eagles’ senior enjoying his best season yet

Menominee Indian High School senior Isaiah Moss had already compiled an impressive high school career coming into this season, but he saved the best for last and has turned in his best statistical season this winter.

Moss is averaging around 20 points per contest, marking the third straight season he’ll finish in double figures for the Eagles.

He’s also posted career highs in rebounds, assists, steals and blocks as a senior.

Moss had scored over 15 points in 16 of the team’s 18 games through Feb. 7. He scored a season high 30 points against Crandon on Dec. 27.

Moss made the Central Wisconsin Conference-East Division second team as a junior and was an honorable mention as a sophomore.

Q: When did your interest in basketball begin?

A: My interest in basketball began as long as I could remember. I always pretended to play like my favorite player Kevin Durant on my hoop outside.

Q: What has basketball taught you over the years?

A: Over the years, basketball has taught me how to become a better leader, a better teammate and a friend off the court to my teammates and coaches. It ultimately taught me life lessons that will carry on with me in life. I give a huge thank you to my grandpa Gatie Waukau, because he always taught me to be the player I am today.

Q: What is your favorite thing to do out on the court, and why?

A: My favorite thing to do on the court is cheer my teammates on when they make a great play, or making a tough bucket and the crowd gets hyped up.

Q: You’ve been a part of the varsity team for the past few years now. Talk about what that journey has been like for you.

A: The journey has been a road of ups and down, coming in as a freshman to a senior now. Time sure does fly, and as I matured as player, I took my years as a student-athlete for granted. So now I take everything in and enjoy my time being an athlete.

Q: Do you have any individual goals you hope to accomplish by the end of this season, and what will it take to achieve those?

A: An individual goal I hope to accomplish by the end of the season would be first team all-conference — it will take hard work and determination to achieve that goal.

Q: As the postseason nears, what does the team need to do well in order to earn some playoff wins?

A: I believe our team just need to score off opponents’ mistakes, play off our own pace, know personnel and play with confidence as a team.

Q: As a senior, how do you try to lead the rest of the team?

A: As a senior leader, I try my best to encourage the younger guys and be vocal. I always set an example because I know they’re watching.

Q: Before a game starts, do you or the team have any routines or rituals you go through?

A: Before games, we like to listen to music to keep our energy alive. We have quiet time to focus and lock in, then go over personnel.

Q: What’s your favorite memory of competing on the Menominee Indian boys basketball team?

A: My favorite memory would be freshman year, playing with the groups of guys I grew up with in school and going undefeated that year. We always had competitive practices and laughs in the locker room.

Q: Favorite TV show, movie and musical artist?

A: TV show — “Basketball or Nothing” on Netflix. Movie — “Straight Outta Compton.” Musical artist — Rod Wave.

Q: Name one thing about yourself that not many people know.

A: I bring a speaker in the shower and sing.

Q: What are some things you hope to accomplish after graduating high school?

A: I hope to accomplish playing college basketball, because that’s always been one of my goals. I also want to get my business degree to come back and work for MISD.


Athlete: Isaiah Moss

Sport: Boys basketball

Position: Point guard

School: Menominee Indian High School

Year: Senior