Athlete Profile: Erin Viergutz

Clintonville senior among the state’s best rebounders

CLINTONVILLE — The Clintonville High School girls basketball team entered the season trying to replace an injured senior (Lizzy Weatherwax) and thinking some younger players might need to really step up. Senior Erin Viergutz has helped the team overcome some of the concerns and has the team in the thick of the North Eastern Conference race.

The post player has been a force on each side of the court, averaging 17.3 points, 13.9 rebounds (which ranks fourth-best in the entire state) and 2.3 steals per game as of Wednesday. Entering the week, she was the conference’s top rebounder and fourth-best scorer.

“I don’t know where we would be without Erin,” said Clintonville coach Nick Yaeger. “Her game has really evolved over the last couple of years. She has always had that down low presence, but now she can shoot outside and also bring the ball up the court. She is very competitive. She leads by example.”

Viergutz scored over 10 points in 10 of the team’s first 11 games, tallying a season-high 28 points against Shawano on Dec. 3 and Marinette on Jan. 7. She also had a 24-point performance against New London on Dec. 9 and a 21-point game against Little Chute on Dec. 13.

The senior has pulled down 10 more more rebounds in eight of the first 11 games. She grabbed 28 rebounds against Shawano and 18 against Fox Valley Lutheran on Jan. 10.

Q: When did your interest in basketball begin?

A: My interest in basketball began in third grade. On my mom’s (Connie Viergutz) side of the family, basketball is very important and a big part of their lives. All of my mom’s siblings (Cathy, Brian, Bradley, Gary, and Gregory) played, including her.

Q: What is your favorite part about the basketball season?

A: My favorite part about the basketball season is spending time with my teammates and coaches.

Q: You’re off to a really strong start to your senior season. What’s been the key to your success?

A: The key to my success this year is to not let the little things affect how I play. If I miss a free throw or make a bad pass in a game, I shake it off right away and don’t let it affect how I play the rest of the game.

Q: Do you have any individual goals you’d like to accomplish in your final season?

A: My individual goal this season is to score 30 points in one game. Another goal of mine is to move from fourth place to third in rebounds in the state.

Q: What does the game of basketball mean to you?

A: Basketball is a sport of hard work and determination. You learn to value teamwork and patience. That’s what the game is.

Q: What’s your favorite memory of competing on the Clintonville girls basketball team?

A: My favorite memory is last year’s home game against Xavier. We scored a high game of 75 points. It was a great confidence booster and accomplishment for the team.

Q: What are you going to miss most about high school basketball?

A: I am really going to miss the relationships and memories with my basketball family.

Q: Favorite TV show and musical artist?

A: My favorite TV show is “Full House” and my favorite music artist is Luke Bryan.

Q: Name one thing about yourself that not many people know.

A: One thing many people don’t know about me is that even though I live on a dairy farm, I don’t drink milk but support the dairy farmers on eating other dairy products.

Q: What is your favorite thing to do when you are not in school or competing in a high school sport?

A: My favorite thing to do outside of basketball and school is to make crafts and bake.

Q: What’s the greatest piece of advice you have ever been told?

A: The greatest piece of advice I have ever been told is “have patience, play hard, and whatever the outcome is know that you did your best.”

Q: What are some things you hope to accomplish after graduating from high school?

A: I hope the transition of playing high school ball to college ball (Viergutz has not committed to a college yet) is comfortable for me. It’ll be hard work but I’m up for the challenge. I plan to study elementary education.


Athlete: Erin Viergutz

Sport: Girls basketball

Position: Post

School: Clintonville High School

Year: Senior