Athlete Profile: Austin Hoffmann

Tigerton senior piling up big games for co-op

TIGERTON — The Marion/Tigerton football co-op appears to enjoy playing 8-man football, as it already has a pair of wins this fall after a winless 2018 in 11-man.

Tigerton High School senior Austin Hoffmann has played a big part in the co-op’s early season success, turning in several big games already.

Hoffmann scored twice in the team’s season-opening win over Elcho/White Lake, hauling in a touchdown reception and also rushing for a score.

Despite the team losing in week two, Hoffmann rushed for 160 yards and two touchdowns, while catching two passes for 70 yards and another score.

Hoffmann caught a touchdown for the co-op’s lone score in week three, then totaled three touchdowns (two rushing, one receiving) in a lopsided week four win.

Q: When did your interest in football begin?

A: I started to like football in middle school. I loved to go to the varsity games and watch the big guys and their big hits.

Q: What is your favorite part about the football season?

A: My favorite part of the season is definitely the games. You put in all the work during the week and you can finally use it all during the game.

Q: What is it like to play on a co-op team and have teammates from another school?

A: It’s definitely a cool experience playing with these guys during the football season then playing against them for basketball and baseball. It also makes playing them in basketball and baseball a lot more fun because we all know each other.

Q: The team has earned a couple of wins already this season. What needs to continue happening on the field to keep earning wins as the season moves on?

A: We need to keep our heads on straight and start each week like if we’re 0-0. We haven’t got many wins in the last couple years, and getting some this year is definitely a good feeling, yet we can’t just stop with a couple wins. We need to set our goals even higher and keep working.

Q: How did you prepare for the football season?

A: I work on a farm and do hay and wood all summer, always using my hands. I’m always chasing cows too, I guess that builds my speed.

Q: What’s your favorite memory of competing on the Marion/Tigerton football team?

A: The things I’ll remember the most is riding in the truck (we call it the Burban, short for suburban) down to Marion for practice. What happens or what’s said in the Burban, stays in the Burban.

Q: What are you going to miss most about high school football?

A: I’m going to miss the team and Friday night lights. Nothing better than a home game with your buds and the home team crowd.

Q: What is your favorite thing to do when you are not in school or competing in a high school sport?

A: I have a passion for cars and working on them. I like to improve them cosmetically and performance wise. Whenever I have some free time, you can always find me in the shed.

Q: Favorite TV show, movie and musical artist?

A: Favorite TV show is definitely “LetterKenny,” favorite movie is “The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift” and favorite music artist is probably Brad Paisley.

Q: Name one thing about yourself that not many people know.

A: Most people don’t know that I don’t like watching sports on TV. I want to watch it in person or go out and actually play it.

Q: What’s the greatest piece of advice you have ever been told?

A: I get told to, “thank you, ‘til you’re better paid.” My grandpa (Robert Hoffmann) always told my dad (John Hoffmann) and his brothers (Robert and Rusty Hoffmann), now my dad tells me this all the time. Basically means you’re not going to get anywhere by complaining, you work hard and earn it.

Q: What are some things you hope to accomplish after graduating high school?

A: After high school, I’m going to go to college for automotive technology and improve my knowledge on the automotive industry. I also hope to buy a Ford Focus RS after high school and use it to travel the country.


Athlete: Austin Hoffmann

Sport: Football

Positions: Tailback, linebacker

School: Tigerton High School

Year: Senior