Zoning change would allow for improvements to private reception venue

Kevin Passon

Ronald and Donna Wuske are hoping to add bathrooms and changing rooms to the barn used as a private reception venue on their land.

The Planning, Development and Zoning Committee granted the necessary zoning change July 3, and now the Wuskes are waiting for final approval from the Shawano County Board on July 24.

The zoning request is on a five-acre parcel at N4539 Weasel Dam Road in the Town of Grant.

The land is currently zoned Farmland and Forest Preservation, which does not allow for a private reception venue as the property owners do not make more than 50% of their living on farming.

The requested Open Lands, Agriculture and Residential Zoning District allows for improvements to an existing structure used as a private reception venue.

Town of Grant officials approved the zoning change request June 3.

The private reception venue would only be used in spring, summer and fall.