Wisconsin potato planting nearly complete at 98%

Wisconsin had 3.3 days suitable for fieldwork for the week ending June 2, according to the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service.

Another wet week slowed fieldwork and increased concerns for the timing of planting, especially in northern areas. Delays in cutting hay has reported impacted quality. Dry weather later in the week did allow for some tillage, planting crops and cutting hay.

Potato planting was nearly complete with 98% planted. Potato condition declined to 85% good to excellent.

Topsoil moisture condition rated 0% very short, 3% short, 64% adequate and 33% surplus. Subsoil moisture condition rated zero percent very short, 5% short, 72% adequate and 23% surplus.

Corn planting was 84% complete, seven days behind last year and two days behind the five-year average. Corn emergence was 68% complete. The first corn condition of the year had 70% of the crop rated good to excellent.

Soybean planting was 82% complete, five days behind last year but two days ahead of average. Soybean emergence was 61% complete. The first soybean condition of the year had 70% of the crop rated good to excellent.

Oat planting progress was 92% complete. Oat emergence was 79% complete, one day ahead of last year and the average. The crop was 8% headed. Oat condition was 80% good to excellent, down one percentage point from last week.

Winter wheat was 49% headed, four days ahead of last year and seven days ahead of average. Winter wheat condition was rated 83% good to excellent, down three percentage points from last week.

Spring tillage was 92% complete, six days behind last year and one day behind the average. The first cutting of alfalfa hay was 35% complete, four days behind last year but one day ahead of average. All hay condition improved to 82% good to excellent. Pasture and range condition improved to 74% good to excellent.