Truck and tractors pulls to resume in Town of Green Valley

Kevin Passon

A pair of truck and tractor pulls will return to the Town of Green Valley, now that Cody Duchateau, owner of KCG Excavating Inc., received a conditional use permit from the Shawano County Planning, Development and Zoning Committee on July 3.

“I got the race track there for four-wheelers and dirt bikes, and I want to do truck pulls now,” Duchateau told the committee about his request to hold two events each year.

He said there used to be truck and tractor pulls in the town, so he wants to bring them back.

The track is at N6161 State Highway 32.

Events at the track must be held between 8 a.m. and 11 p.m. Food vendors and liquor sales will be included.

Supervisor Ken Capelle said he heard about concerns regarding traffic on nearby Carlson Lane and inquired whether something can be done to avoid the volume of vehicles on the narrow road.

Duchateau said online navigation programs his home for the location of the events, and that includes using Carlson Lane to get there.

“Mapquest brings them down Carlson Lane (instead of the entrance from Highway 32),” he said.

He and the committee agreed more signage in the area could help direct traffic to the Highway 32 entrance.

“That’s the only concern they had,” Capelle said. “They didn’t mind the race, but it’s just the traffic.”