Packers set ticket prices for 2024 season

The Green Bay Packers announced plans for a price increase on stadium bowl tickets for the 2024 season. Regular-season tickets will increase between $4 and $10 per game, depending on location.

Invoices were sent to season ticket holders today and are available now to view and pay online. The invoices include a brochure that outlines the new pricing and previews next season’s home opponents. Preseason ticket prices, which are roughly half of regular-season prices, will increase between $2 and $5 per game.

The 2024 season, which will be the fourth under the 17-game schedule, will see the Packers host nine regular-season games and one preseason contest. Home opponents include the AFC’s Colts, Texans and Dolphins, the NFC’s Saints, Cardinals and defending conference champion 49ers, and division foes the Bears, Lions and Vikings.

As previously announced, the Gold package will receive the ninth regular-season game this year, the first year the ninth game will be hosted at Lambeau Field. Green package season ticket holders will receive their typical allotment of regular-season games (six) and will also receive this year’s preseason game.

The next time Lambeau Field hosts the ninth game, the Green package will receive the ninth game and the Gold package will receive the preseason game. More information about how the 17-game NFL schedule impacts season ticket holders is available at

“Our overall average ticket price, which includes general bowl and premium seating components, is expected to be just below the NFL’s average,” said Packers President/CEO Mark Murphy in a letter sent to season ticket holders. “This is our annual goal that we feel represents a great value for the top-rated Lambeau Field gameday experience and also allows us to be a good business partner to the other NFL clubs, with whom we share ticket revenue.”

Variable pricing again will be used for preseason and regular-season games. With the increases, tickets in respective areas in 2024 will cost:

South end zone, 700 Level – $66 for preseason, $132 for regular season (in 2023, prices were $64 and $128, respectively).
End zone seats – $68 for preseason and $135 for regular season (in 2023, prices were $65 and $129).
South end zone, 600 Level – $73 for preseason, $145 for regular season (in 2023, prices were $70 and $139).
End zone to the 20‐yard line – $78 for preseason and $155 for regular season (in 2023, prices were $74 and $148).
Between the 20-yard lines – $88 for preseason and $175 for regular season (in 2023, prices were $83 and $165).

Payment is due in the Packers’ ticket office by March 29. Season ticket holders are reminded that Lambeau Field is now cashless, and invoices must be paid by credit/debit card or check.

Additionally, “Pay As We Play” continues as the method for both Green and Gold package holders to pay for playoff tickets. There is the potential to host up to three home playoff games, and by signing up for Pay As We Play, ticket holders commit to purchase tickets for all home playoff games. By registering online for the Pay As We Play program, both Green and Gold package ticket holders can lock in special pricing for a possible Wild Card home game. These special ticket prices, which range from $125 to $166, are lower than their respective regular-season prices.

Green package holders have the first right of refusal on seat locations for the playoffs and are being asked to commit by Aug. 9. Gold package holders who register by Aug. 9 will be placed in a drawing and, if selected, randomly assigned seats not used by the Green package holders.

Season ticket holders are also reminded that mobile tickets will again be used as the only method of entry at Lambeau Field. Mobile tickets allow for secure ticketing, additional convenience and flexibility, and help eliminate ticket fraud.

Lambeau Field premium seat ticket prices are set per client contracts. Additional info regarding ticket prices, as well as invoices, also have been sent to premium seat ticket holders.