Mining pit gets county approval

Sand, pit run material to be excavated over the next 20 years
Kevin Passon

Jason and Jill Bergner will expand their non-metallic mining operation to include about 12 acres now that they have a conditional use permit from the Shawano County Planning, Development and Zoning Committee.

The Bergners are currently mining less than an acre on their property at County Road BB and Olson Road in the Town of Green Valley. Using less than an acre does not require a conditional use permit. The permit to use the larger site was granted June 5.

Jim Wendels, Quest Civil Engineers LLC, represented the couple before the committee and explained the purpose of excavating sand and pit run (unmanufactured gravel) from the recently clear-cut site that encompasses about 12 acres.

“The process would involve clearing the remaining trees, removing and stockpiling the existing topsoil and excavating down into the sand ridges to stockpile and retrieve sand and pit run materials,” he said.

The sand and pit run would be sold for agricultural bedding, construction fill material and ready-mix concrete aggregates.

Access will be from the existing driveway from County Road BB that will be paved 100 feet back from the roadway.

Trucks will carry about 15 yards of material per load, with five to 10 trucks leaving the site each day. Hours of operation will be from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. weekdays and from 7 a.m. to noon Saturdays.

All perimeters will slope inward to protect adjacent wetlands.

“The site is considered by the DNR, the way we designed it, it is called internally drained, meaning all storm water, surface water that lands on the mine site stays on the mine site, does not migrate off,” Wendels said.

Excavation will occur in three phases over 20 years.

“The mine site area when complete would be restored as wildlife habitat and recreational land,” Wendels said.

Restoration will include the planting of native grasses, installation of food plots, excavation and maintenance of ponds, and planting clumps of tree cover throughout several of the areas.