Jiujitsu team fights, wins in honor of fathers

Recent victories earned by Raul Beltran Jr.’s jiujitsu team were more than just a win.

Beltran’s father had recently died and was buried June 7.

“I told my team of my dad’s passing and told them that it would mean a lot for me to fight for his spirit and to fight for the honor of their fathers and the fathers’ spirit,” he said. “What happened next was right out of a Hollywood inspirational movie.”

The team competed in a Brazilian jiujitsu (BJJ) tournament on Father’s Day weekend at Grappling Industries in Wisconsin Dells.

Ben “Doc” Schlais earned two wins a loss, including one win by submission, to earn the silver medal.

Allyn Nacotee had three wins and two losses to earn a gold and bronze medal.

Donovan Vigue recorded 14 wins and one loss, with seven wins by points and seven by submission.

“This is unheard of for a white belt,” Beltran said. “I promoted him right there for his blue belt.”

Beltran is a black belt under the lineage of Carlson Gracie Jiu Jitsu.