Former board members recognized, thanked

Kevin Passon

Ten former Shawano County supervisors were recognized and thanked for their combined 125 years of service when the County Board gathered May 22.

Jerry Erdmann, Mart Grams, Steve Gueths, David Heideman, Devin Krizan, Milton Marquardt Jr., Dick Olson, Grant Staszak, Mike Stupecky and Arlyn Tober did not return to the board at the start of the 2024 term, whether by choice not to seek another term or by the voters who cast ballots for someone else.

Tober, who served on the board for 50 years, was the only former member to attend. He was presented with a $150 gift card through the Shawano Country Chamber of Commerce; other former members will have gift cards mailed to them.

Tober said he enjoyed every year of serving on the board. He also said he served on nearly every board committee, some for several terms.

“You get to see the county as a whole,” he said. “If you just get on certain committees and stay there, you don’t get to see what’s happening. It’s so good to be able to see the whole picture.”

Tober said he attended between 70 and 120 meetings a year when serving, averaging about 90 every 12 months. That translates to about 4,500 meetings.

In addition to Tober’s 50 years, Marquardt served 21, Erdmann served 20, and Gueths served 16.

At four years each were Krizan, Olson and Staszak. Grams, Heideman and Stupecky each served two years.